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The personality of the host or hostess
The table pad: its advantages and peculiarities

The table pad: its advantages and peculiarities

A table pad allows almost any kind of table to be transformed into a dining table and may discourage curious guests intent on scrutinizing the quality and manufacture of your table. This could be embarrassing if you have, perhaps, improvised a tabletop by utilizing an ironing board or wine cases. The table pad is therefore a democratic article, lightweight and easy to store, which will transform any table into a king's table, any tablecloth, even a lesser quality, into an elegant occasion. Once the table is cleared and the tablecloth removed, the pad becomes an ideal base for a game of cards or Bingo. Speaking of Bingo, the host may pull a package of macaroni out of the cupboard to use for marking numbers in the game. And there are those who say a table pad is useless!

The table

Setting an inviting table is the first favor you do for your invited guests. The choice of table cloth, dishes, silverware, glassware, etc, reflect, like nothing else, the taste, the tendencies, the personality of the host
While it is understandable, however unacceptable, that in a home the food might be less than good, or worse yet, anonymous, (which, optimistically speaking, is true 80% of the time) what is totally impolite is when the preparation and the table setting are sloppy or thoughtless. In today's global market, we can find an enormous variety of tableware coming from diverse parts of the world, diverse cultures and from the most remote places, at just about any neighborhood shop or, if you are interested more in history than in geography, there are flea markets everywhere with an infinite source of inspiration and surprises.